With Vintage Roofing you get honesty, loyalty, and a product we stand behind. We are not a company that magically appears after a storm and is gone just as fast as the storm. We build relationships that last for years to come. We do this by keeping our word and standing behind our promises. We will be around for years to come and stand behind the work we have done in the event you have a problem.

Vintage loves giving back. One of the ways we do this is by providing a tent for one person in the homeless community for each roof we replace.

Vintage also loves giving back to the community in other ways. We frequently support Hillgrove High School, Hiram Christmas Tree lighting, Dallas Christmas Parade, and the Paulding Public Safety Appreciation.

Will Vintage Roofing work with my insurance company?

Of course we work with your insurance company. Not only do we work with insurance companies but we will walk you through the entire insurance claim process from start to finish. Our salesmen will explain every step along the way and insure that you get the roof you deserve.

What is the point of a free inspection if I don’t have any leaks? Many times we don’t even realize we have a problem with our roofing system and by the time we do, the damage has increased. Periodic inspection of your roof may help prevent further damage. Leaks can manifest in many ways; from traveling down walls to being soaked up by insulation. You could have various forms of wind or hail damage and not even know it. When this happens, it can remove aggregate from your shingle, not allowing the shingle to perform the way they were designed to perform. Our trained salesmen can find this type of damage by inspecting your roof and we can assist with needed repairs before they become a bigger problem.

Is Vintage Roofing insured?

Vintage is a fully licensed and insured contractor. Feel free to request a certificate of insurance and our office will provide one for your files.


Insurance won’t cover my roof and I can’t afford it, can Vintage help?

We sure can! Vintage can set you up with home improvement financing, just ask for an application.

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